Top 6 Business Process Management Solutions

BPM solutions are quite an attractive piece of business software that organizations use to gain full control over business process management. Depending on the features, these solution also allow users to not only execute, analyse and monitor their processes, but to optimize them based on their needs.

However, finding the right one in the noise of many business process management solutions found on the market can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have previous experience with business software. This is why we have tested a variety of them and provided you with a list of top 6 solutions that definitely deserve your attention.



The Bpm’online business software cloud platform is completely process-driven. It is an out-of-the-box solution that offers a plethora of features designed to satisfy the needs of SMBs and big corporations as well. Bpm’online software is completely mobile-friendly so that you can access it on the go and from any device. Additionally, this vendor offers dedicated mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, with completely customizable user interface.

Beside great functionality that comes with features such as Process Analytics, Process Library and Process Designer, this software is also easy to use. The dashboards are quite clean and can be set up to display the data you want. If you decide to go with bpm’online, you will be able to use it as either an on-site or cloud-based solution.



Promapp is another great solution in this business software category. This platform leverages the power of knowledge base software that is conveniently built in. With access to this feature, businesses can share process knowledge. This extends really well to other features. Promapp even goes one step further by enabling entire teams to collaborate and improve processes.

In fact, teams can use the Promapp to transport procedure and process maps into a centralized process and contribute to process improvements. Process management on this platform is straightforward, while the user interface is intuitive, and with an adjustable layout. Promapp also supports integrations with EDRMS and SharePoint.



The Agiloft BPM solution is designed to open new channels of communication inside an organization while allowing improvements to be made in efficiency and performance. Organizations can do a lot with Agiloft BPM – configure the frameset, create, manage and analyse task flows and business processes. Agiloft enables users to apply specific business rules and reap the power of automation, and all that without any previous technical knowledge.

Agiloft has also allowed users to make a smooth transition from a legacy system to their solution. With a top-notch import feature, this BPM software enables users to keep the previous processes and data, but now, with the ability to analyze them and furthermore optimize them down the line.



The Wrike BPM solution is designed around two key principles – increase the operational speed and remove the bottlenecks from the business process management equation. The team of developers at Wrike has done an excellent job in creating a easy-to-use workflow tracking feature. Paired with an intuitive user interface and customizable dashboard, these features make everyone’s life easier.

The data captured by this software is showcased in real-time, which provides unique opportunities for managers. Thanks to powerful analytics, this platform will enable you to identify weak spots in your workflows and make adjustments accordingly and on the go. With Wrike, you will be able to keep your eye on every KPI, thus increasing your business agility and overall productivity.

Process Street


Process Street is another cloud-based BP management solution designed to enable managers and the workforce to create more efficient workflows. Beside the standard features, this software comes with advanced project management functionality.

In fact, you will be able to use to manage documents and create project specific checklists. Process Street solution can be used in numerous instances. Companies have been using it for content promotion, employee onboarding and client setup.

Process Street is easy to use. The dashboard is not that different from the dashboards of the competition, and it enables the workforce and managers to quickly review KPIs. Creating process documentation with this software is also easy, as it comes with a document editor that supports the creation of structured documents.

If you find out that a process works as intended, you can create a template out of it and use it in future instances.



Pipefy is a cloud-based BPM software with an impressive list of built-in features. With pre-designed process templates this software offers a smooth onboarding. The dashboard is really simple and intuitive, made so that everyone can use it. All the features are accessible in just a few clicks. With admin controls and user permissions, you can easily set access rights.

This software also comes with features that enable collaboration in real-time. When it comes to process management, powerful analytics and reporting will put you in a position to take full control over the BPM. This software also enables you to automate a majority of your back office processes. You can also set an event that will trigger automation – a great way to increase efficiency.

Additionally, you can leverage the power of integration, as this software supports Google Sheets, Slack, Zendesk, MailChimp and lots of other integrations. Pipefy is also accessible on Android and iOS mobile phones.

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